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in «Bulletin of the Odessa State Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture»

Prior to publication in a professional collection of scientific works, previously unpublished scientific articles with the following themes of publications are accepted:

  1. Architecture.
  2. Building constructions.
  3. Building materials and technologies.
  4. Hydrotechnical and transport construction.
  5. Engineering networks and equipment.
  6. Bases and foundations.
  7. Technology and organization of construction production.

Download requirements for the articles formation (pdf)

Download Example of an article formation (pdf)

The article should correspond the theme of the collection, be published for the first time and include the following elements:

  • urgency and problem statement in general terms, its connection with important scientific or practical tasks;
  • analysis of recent researches and publications, which presents the solution of this problem and on which the author relies; allocation of previously unsolved parts of the general problem, which is devoted to this article;
  • formulation of the article goals (problem statement);
  • an outline of the main research material with a full substantiation of the scientific results obtained;
  • conclusions from this study and prospects for further development in this direction;
  • list of references.

General Requirements to Article Formation

Articles are submitted in electronic form as a Word 97 − 2003 file in .doc format. The file name should contain the theme number of the publication and the first author's surname (for example, 5 Ivanov.doc).

Articles are submitted in Ukrainian, Russian or English and are printed in the original language.

The text part of the article is typed in sheets of A4 format in Times New Roman font 12 pt. in a single spacing, aligned by the width of the page, fields 2 cm from all sides, paragraph indentation − 1.0 cm. The volume of an article 7-10 full pages, with annotations.


UDC index (aligned on the left without a paragraph indentation, capital, semi-bold);

title of the article (centered, all capital letters, semi-bold, hyphenation not allowed);

surname, initials of all authors, scientific degree, academic rank (aligned on the right edge, last name – semi-bold, degree and rank − string);

full name of a higher educational establishment or organization (italics, aligned on the right edge; if authors from different educational institutions, then each author from a separate line);

E-mail (aligned on the right-hand side and next to the unique OCRID number);

annotations to the article (abstract indent, the title semi-bold, annotations are written in three languages: in Ukrainian, Russian and English.

The text of the first annotation is written in the language of the main text of the article. The abstract is aligned with the width of the page and written in 8-10 lines.

The text of the two other annotations, if the publication is not completely English, each publication is not in English, followed by an abstract in English with a volume of at least 1800 symbols. If the publication is not fully Ukrainian, each publication is not in Ukrainian, followed with an annotation in Ukrainian of at least 1800 symbols. Two other annotations are placed at the end of the article after the list of literature in English.

The second and third annotations should briefly repeat the structure of the article, including the introduction, purpose, methodology, results, conclusion. Machine translation is not allowed.

keywords (no line spacing, paragraph indent, half-life name, keyword text no more than 6-8 words).

Title of the article, last name and initials, scientific degree, academic rank, place of work, annotation and keywords − repeated in Ukrainian, Russian and English.

Between the lines with the UDC index, the title of gender, author's last name, abstract, main text and a list of literature, English literature and two other annotations, a single interval.

The main text of the article.

Structure of the main text of the article in accordance with the Resolution of the Higher Attestation Commission of Ukraine No. 7-05 / 1 of 15.01.2003 (Bulletin of the Higher Attestation Commission of Ukraine No. 1, 2003) should have such necessary elements (the names of structural elements in the text of the article should be semi-bold):

− introduction (problem statement in general terms and its connection with important scientific or practical tasks);

− an analysis of the latest sources of research and publications, which initiated the solution of the problem (preferably, this was an analysis of recent publications in professional journals) and based on the author;

− the allocation of previously unclaimed parts of the general problem, which is devoted to the article;

− statement of the problem (formulation of the purpose and methods of studying the problem considered in the article);

− the main material and the results (presentation of the main research material with the full substantiation of the obtained scientific results);

− conclusions (scientific novelty, scientific and practical significance of research results, prospects for further scientific developments);

Literature (centered, semi-bold, the references in the text are given in square brackets [2]; the list of references is given in accordance with the order of the references in the text in accordance with DSTU 8302:2015 and is written in the column; the writing of «Sources of Information»; «List of Literature» is not allowed). The bibliographic list is in the original language and transliterated.

Bibliographic List (References).For the reproduction of Ukrainian proper names by means of English, transliteration in English is used. The names of organizations and institutions that are not translated into English are also transliterated. Transliteration of authors' names is performed depending on the original source language in accordance with the requirements of the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated January 27, 2010 No. 55 «On the ordering of transliteration of the Ukrainian alphabet in the Latin». The bibliographic list should be made using the IEEE STYLE in accordance with the «International Citation Style and Reference in Scientific Papers», Kyiv, 2016.

Tables should be executed in Word editors without coloring. Each table should be printed with the appropriate heading and numbering after the first reference to it. The width of the tables should not exceed the margins of the page. The font in the table should correspond to the font of the article.

Formulas must be executed in the Equation 3.0 editor using only commonly used fonts (Times New Roman; Symbol). Each formula is typed as one object, numbering of formulas with Arabic numerals on the right in brackets is aligned with the width of the page.

Figures (diagrams, photos) are presented in black and white or in grayscale after the first reference to them; must be grouped and represent one graphic object; have a numbering and a signature indicating the coordinate axis. The size of the signatures in the picture should correspond to the font Times New Roman 12 pt.

Together with the article are submitted:

− information about the author (author's certificate): last name, first name, patronymic (in full); academic rank, academic degree; position, place of work; contact addresses and telephones; postal address to which to send a copy of the collection;

− review of the article, if the author is a post-graduate student without co-authors with a degree in science and an academic degree.

Articles that do not meet the above requirements are not accepted.

The submitted materials are subject to additional review by members of the editorial board or leading specialists in scientific areas, therefore, they may be returned to the authors for revision.

The final decision on the publication of the article is taken by the editorial board of the publication.

The rejected original is not returned.

Payment is made only after confirmation of the article acceptance for printing.

Oriented cost of one page 50 UAH. The exact cost will be indicated after the article is accepted for printing. The collection is published 4 times a year on a quarterly basis, at the end of each quarter. Articles must be sent to the 1 st day of the last quarter (for example, if the collection is released at the end of June, then articles are accepted by June 1). But the admission of articles may end before the specified date if the required number of pages is typed.

Materials are send to the address:

Editorial «Bulletin of the ODABA»
Odessa State Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture,
street Didrichson, 4
Odessa, 65029, Ukraine

Contact person: Antoniuk Nadezhda Romanovna
tel. work (048) 70-00-608
е-mail: visnuk_odaba@ogasa.org.ua

Collection website: visnyk-odaba.org.ua
Academy website: odaba.edu.ua

Billing details:
Center of NTTM on the AU, code 21028281,
MFD 320478, p/c UA 103204780000026009924861812 at PJSC «Ukrgasbank»
Purpose of payment: «Bulletin of the ОДАБА, the name of the first author»

We ask you to contact us by e-mail after sending the materials to make sure the materials and decision of the editorial board as to the publication of the article.


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